If you’re new to World of Warcraft; you’re undoubtedly overwhelmed by the amount of information being thrown at you. It doesn’t help that there are thousands of terms that the community has developed over the past decade. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a resource you could rely on to teach you these terms without having to embarrassingly ask your party leader what they meant? Well now there is – I’ve done my best to put together a WoW Dictionary for new or struggling players.

Rather than organizing this content alphabetically; I thought it may be more useful to new players to have the terms organized by which aspect of the game they apply to. Note that some of them may apply to more than one aspect of the game; but I classified them by where they originated or are the most popular.

WoW Dictionary: General Terms

Addon – A plugin that you install to your game (usually through the Twitch -previously Curse- client) that alters some aspect of the game. They are 100% compliant with Blizzard’s Terms of Service. Check out my list for the best addons in WoW currently!

Cords – Short for coordinates. If you have a map addon, it will display the where you are on the map in a format similar to longitude and latitude.

ToS – Terms of Service, i.e. the ‘rule book’ players are expected to follow to be compliant with Blizzard.

Sim – Short for simming… which is short for simmulating. It’s a pretty straightforward process you can use to improve your character. I recommend reading my full guide on it.

Reset – Refers to when you can begin doing a certain piece of content again. Usually for rewards.

Dailys – Resets that occur every day. (ex. Heroic Dungeons)

Weeklys – Resets that occur every week. (ex Raids)

RaF – Stands for Recruit a Friend

Alt F4 – An insult / trick players will use to get you to log out of the game. This is the default keybind for logging you out.

Soulbound – Not trade-able to other players.

BoE – Stands for Bind on Equip. Meaning the item becomes soulbound only after you’ve equipped or used it.

BoP – Stands for Bind on Pickup. Meaning the item becomes soulbound as soon as it’s picked up.

BiS – Stands for Best in slot. Meaning the item is the best possible thing for you to equip in that armor slot currently.

Primary Stat – Agility, Strength, or Intellect; depending on your class

Secondary Stat – Critical Strike, Haste, Versatility, and Mastery

Agi – Short for Agility

Str – Short for Strength

Int – Short for Intellect

Vers – Short for Versatility

WoW Dictionary: General Combat Related Terms

AoE – Area of Effect, an ability that will hit multiple targets at once.

GCD – Stands for Global Cooldown; which is the amount of time you must wait to use any ability after using an ability.

DPS – Stands for damage per second

Deeps – Slang for damage per second

HPS – Stands for healing per second

CC – Stands for Crowd Control; i.e. any ability that will keep an enemy out of combat. Such as Polymorph

Kick – Interrupt ability used on a spell cast. Doesn’t have to be the Rogue’s Kick ability. Nearly every class has one.

Stack – Everyone stand on-top of each other. Usually to deal with a mechanic or make healing easier.

Spread – Spread out to deal with a mechanic.

MC – Stands for Mind Control. A friendly player will become hostile and loose control of their character.

Buff – A temporary effect on your character that will provide some sort of bonus. This could be combat or non-combat related.

Debuff – The opposite of a Buff. A temporary harmful effect on your character. Usually combat related.

Fixate – When an NPC (or Mob) attacks a player regardless of how much current threat they have.

Immunity – Any ability that allows a player to take 0 damage or any mob that is not susceptible to kicks or stuns

WoW Dictionary: Common Trade Chat Terms

AH – Stands for Auction House

WTB – Stands for Want to Buy; a player is looking to purchase x

WTS – Stands for Want to Sell; a player is looking to sell x

WTT – Stands for Want to Trade; a player is looking to exchange x for x

OBO – Stands for ‘Or Best Offer’ meaning that if you don’t like the price someone is proposing; you should tell them what you’re willing to pay.

Mats – Short for materials. Aka the things used to ‘craft’ items

DE – Stands for Disenchant. Which is taking an item of green or higher quality and destroying it for enchanting crafting materials.

K – Short for thousand. 10k = 10,000 gold.

M – Short for million. 5m = 5,000,000 gold.

TCG – Stands for Trading Card Game. You used to be able to get in-game items from a WoW trading card game. The items are generally very rare and expensive.

WoW Dictionary: Common PvE Terms in Dungeons and Raids

Stacks – Not the same as standing on top of each other. Usually refers to a buff or debuff that can ‘stack’ on top of one another to multiply the effect.

Soak – To stand in a bosses ground effect ability to deal with a certain raid mechanic. Usually done by classes that can mitigate the damage taken by the ground effect. Note that not all ground effect abilities are meant to be soaked.

MD – Stands for Mis-Direct. Which means to use the hunter ability misdirect or the rogue ability tricks of the trade to transfer threat to a tank.

Agro – Slang for the player that currently has the most threat on a target. Short for aggravation

NPC – Stands for Non-player Character. Pretty much anything in the game that you can target that isn’t another person.

Mob – Slang for a hostile NPC.

Ad(s) – Any NPC/Mob that is part of a fight that isn’t the boss. Short for ‘additional(s)’

Pat – Short for patrol. A mob or group of mobs that moves around in a predictable pattern while not in combat.

Lust – Raid wide hast buff on a 10 minute CD unless killed. Either from Time Warp, Blood Lust, Heroism, or other source.

Kite – Allow a mob to chase a person without hitting them. Usually by using slows or other crowd controlling abilities.

Logs – Refers to the website Warcraftlogs. Which gives you details about everything that happened to your group during a raid fight. Usually used by raiders to evaluate a person or group’s performance

Parse – A ranking system used for logs. Presented in percentiles. i.e. 99 percentile means you performed better than 99% of people who did the fight before you.

Pot – Short for potion.

Pre-Pot – To use a combat potion a few seconds before the fight starts. This is done so that you can benefit from two potions throughout the fight instead of once since potions do not become available until after a fight is over.

M+ – Means ‘Mythic +’ which is a form of repeatable dungeon content at the endgame.

WoW Dictionary: Common Terms Used in PvP

FC – Stands for Flag Carrier

Globaled – Means that someone was killed in the amount of time it would take to press one key (aka, global cooldown).

One-Shot Macro – A macro that uses all of your cool-downs in an attempt to kill a player in one shot.

Turtle – To play slow or defensively because you currently have the leading score.

DR – Stands for Diminishing Return; meaning that every time you stun a player in succession it becomes shorter and shorter until they become temporarily immune.

WoW Dictionary: Common Class Specific Terms


Bubble – To use one of your immunity abilities; either on yourself or an ally.

BoP – Stands for Blessing of Protection. A bubble ability.

HoJ – Stands for Hammer of Justice. A stun ability. Pronounced Hodge without the D.



Cookies – Slang for Health Stones

Rocks – Slang for Health Stones

Candy – Slang for Health Stones

Closet – Slang for your Warlock summoning stone.



Table – Conjure food for the group.


More coming soon




It’s unrealistic that I cover every single abbreviation or slang term in this article. There’s just too many to keep track of. If there is anything that is not on this list that you feel should be; please leave it as a comment below and I will do my best to add it! There’s always new content being added to World of Warcraft; so a WoW dictionary will be always changing.