Ok, Blackout is awesome. I’m having a total blast. But it’s not all fun and games right? We’re out here to win! Here’s 7 tips on how to win more Blackout games.

You Need to be ‘Self Aware’ to Win More Blackout Games

Yep, I probably sound like a therapist or your Moms, obviously vegan, yoga instructor when I say that you need to be self aware. But it’s the truth. If you wan’t to win more blackout games you need to analyze your game – not someone elses.

Chances are, you’re not a totally horrible player that sucks at every aspect of the game and that’s why you can’t bring in more wins. Likely, you’re struggling with a few key things that’s getting you killed over and over again. I’m going to give you 10 great tips that every player should use to win more Blackout games; but in addition to these you should always take a minute after every game to analyze what you did wrong. If you find yourself getting dying to the same scenario repeatedly make it an active effort to avoid it in every game you play until it becomes second nature.

1. Positioning

This one will seem very obvious to seasoned Battle Royale players. You should always be preemptively trying to plan your next move as well as predict what the remaining players will do.

I can’t tell you exactly what to do in every scenario because there is so much variability from round to round. The only way to get better is to practice and try to be aware of what everyone is doing throughout a game. You can also watch your favorite streamers and try to imitate what they do throughout a round.

A few tips that I can give on this front are:

  • You’re almost always better off being towards the edge of the circle. This will (sort of) limit the possible angles which you can be shot from.
  • Try to position yourself in a way that, if needed, you have cover in every direction that the circle could move to next. You never want to be caught out in the open.
  • Try not to swim. You’re a sitting duck (almost literally!)
  • Don’t trap yourself in a building. If you’re going to post up inside make sure you have multiple exit points.
  • The high ground is usually always better, in case you’ve never played a video game or watched an action movie…

2. Use Vehicles Sparingly

If you want to win more blackout games you should be very mindful of when you use vehicles and when to pass them up. My first thought on this was to tell you to never used vehicles because you turn into a big sloppy moving target for your enemy. Hell, if your enemy has a rocket it’s basically a free kill for them. But never say never; in some circumstances using a vehicle can get you out of a dicey situation.

There are only two times I ever recommend using a vehicle. When you are extremely far outside the circle or have no choice but to cross through a large open field to get the cover.

Regardless, in either of these scenarios you should aim to use the armored truck over the helicopter or ATV.

Another good thing to keep in mind when using vehicles, specifically the truck,  is that you will exit on the same side that you are seated on (i.e. driver will exit on the left, passenger the right).  So if you’re exiting the vehicle while taking fire; you can be prepared to take cover or return fire from this angle.

3. Make Sure your Gaming Setup is Up to Par

This is one you may not have thought of. Your external environment has a huge impact on your game. If you want to win more blackout games you need to make sure that your gaming setup is as capable as you are.

Do you live in a noisy environment? Get yourself a pair of quality noise canceling headphones. There’s so many options these days that you can find something awesome at every price point. Personally, I love the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones on PC and the Astro A40s on console. With sound being so important to a BR game you absolutely need a good headset.

Are you using a mouse that’s almost as old as you are? Pick up a great gaming mouse. There’s been huge improvements in mice over the past few years. You can grab my personal favorite, top of the line mouse (Logitech G903), or go with something more affordable that’s still a powerful tool. Like this Logitech G300s. Check their prices on amazon since they’re constantly going on sale. 

Is your monitor smaller than the screen on the new iPhone? Pick up a quality 144hz Gaming Monitor. With 4k technology being so easy to produce these days you can pick up an incredible 1080p gaming monitor, like this one, for a fraction of their original price.

4. Loadout

I’m not going to go too much into the details of what your loadout should look like in this guide. I already have an article on that! Check it out here. The article goes into detail on everything you should aim to have in your inventory by the end of the game. Gadgets and perks included.

If you’ve already read it, here’s a quick recap of my plan going into a game.

  • Have one primary weapon for close/mid range engagements.
  • One long range weapon for taking on enemies at range or quickly taking out an unsuspecting stationary enemy.
  • Have plenty of healing items, full armor, and a few useful perks.
  • Sensor darts and grenades should be bursting out of my backpack.

5. Warm-Up

There’s one awesome advantage that blackout has over Fortnite and PUBG. Since this game has both a multiplayer and a Battle Royale mode you can easily practice gun fights without jumping into a match and wait a few minutes for any action to start. Only to be killed within the first few seconds and have to start over again.

As excited as you are to jump into a squad match with your buddies, make it a habit to warm up with a few multiplayer matches first. While your strategy will be dramatically different than it is in blackout the core game-play of shooting, running, and aiming will be the same. If you want to win more blackout games you’ll have to hone in your aim as well as possible.

6. Be Aggressive (to some extent)

If you’re new to the Battle Royale genre you may be tempted to sit back, hide in buildings, and crawl your way through high grass to make it to the end of the game. Sure, you’ll probably get to more top 10 scenarios by being overly cautious, but in the end it will just be a handicap.

You should always be actively trying to take fights (that you have an advantage in). Never sit still. And for the love of god, don’t prone your way through a field. You’re not fooling anyone.

If you play too cautiously a few things will happen.

You Won’t be Prepared for a Gun Fight

If you actively try to avoid every fight (sometimes avoiding fights is good… see my next tip) you’ll be very rusty and unprepared by the time you actually do have to face someone 1:1. Just think about the games you go where you haven’t seen an opponent in 5-10 minutes. I guarantee you’re jumpy, excited, and maybe even a little scared when you start getting shot at. If you stay active and try to look for an easy fight throughout the game you’ll be much better off.

You’ll Get Sloppy

This used to be me. I would hang back, avoid fights, and creep around the map until near the end of the game hoping I would get lucky and take out an unsuspecting last player.

Sorry to break it to you; but this doesn’t happen. The majority of your top 10 players will be there because they’re better at taking gunfights than the rest of the group – not because they were creeping around. When you actively try to avoid being seen I guarantee you’ll stop checking obvious spots that enemies will be holding down. Also, you’ll be very easy to shoot in the back if you’re creeping through the woods for 3 minutes at a time…

Win More Blackout Games - Full Loadout

Like in this picture. I had plenty of healing items, a trauma kit over heal, my favorite weapon with full attachments, and a kitted out sniper rifle. Hell, I played the game like a snail. I was so cautious about everything. So cautious in-fact that when it came time to actually pick a gun fight in the top 10 my heart was beating since I thought it was a sure win. I died. Horribly.

7. Only Take Fights You Have an Advantage In

But Grant, how do I know what they have in their inventory!?

That’s not what I mean. There’s never going to be a fight you have 100% certainty that you can win. But you can get pretty damn good at picking out what fights you’ll have an advantage in. And if you want to win more blackout games; there’s no point in taking a fair fight. After all, life isn’t fair, kid.

Obviously, there will be fights that you don’t have a choice but to take. But if you want to win more blackout games you should be aware that not every enemy you see has to be killed right away. If they don’t have a clean shot at you yet, haven’t seen you, or are busy fighting another enemy you may want to reconsider picking a fight. You can always get into a better position and try to take them out later.

Try to take fights where:

  • You have the high ground
  • Your enemy has to push towards you
  • You can tell they don’t have a great weapon
  • You’ve snuck up on them

Vice versa, try to avoid fights where:

  • You have to push towards your enemy (especially if they are inside the circle and you aren’t)
  • You know they have better weapons than you
  • They have better cover or the high ground
  • You know there’s multiple other enemies in the area and you will draw attention to yourself (likely being killed while fighting someone else)


8. Don’t Mess With the Zombies

A big deviation that Blackout has from every other Battle Royale out right now is that it has hostile NPCs in the form of Zombies. There isn’t any AI you’ll encounter in Fortnite or PUBG. If you’re new to Call of Duty; Zombies is a horde style mode that’s been extremely popular with the series.

There are certain areas throughout the map where zombies can spawn. While the zombies aren’t particularly dangerous; they should be avoided.

It’s possible that killing them will drop the Ray Gun; which is a 1 shot kill weapon even though armor. But this weapon doesn’t justify the hassle of clearing out a wave of zombies.

For starters, you can’t easily replenish your Ray Gun ammo throughout a game. Stick with your standard loadout (unless you’re just looking to have a little fun).

Second, unloading into a wave of zombies (as fun as it is) will likely draw a lot of attention to you. While you’re busy fighting through a wave of undead; your opponents are positioning to take you out. Letting your enemies get the drop on you definitely won’t help you win more blackout games. If you have an itch to reenact your favorite scene from ‘The Walking Dead’ (CAAAARRLLL!) go play the dedicated Zombies mode.


9. Learn to Callout Effectively

If you’re playing duos or quads you absolutely need to learn how to make good calls if you want to win more blackout games with your friends.

I guarantee you’ve been playing a game and heard your buddy yell out some extremely vague calls. Yelling “Guy over here! by me!” or “He’s behind one of the 45 trees!” isn’t going to help anyone.

Make sure to explain the direction an event is happening from using the compass, your left may be your teammates right. Also, call out the number of enemies you see, never assume the whole team is in the exact same location. Finally, don’t mix up the terms ‘down’ and ‘dead’.

If you’ve played any other Battle Royale the callouts are going to be pretty much the same. Here’s a list of example callouts that are great. You might think they’re overkill – but being descriptive yet brief is essential.

  • 1 enemy, North 35, medium range (50 meters, if you want to get fancy), moving left to right
  • 1 enemy, South 170, far, lower left window of grey 2 story building.
  • 2 enemies, North 15, close, 1 down, other unknown
  • Taking fire from south 175, close, I’m down.

Keep in mind that sometimes the best callout is no callout at all. At the beginning of the game don’t go around yelling about every piece of gear you find. Keep the mics clear so that you can hear enemy footsteps. If your teammate is in need of something, they’ll ask if anyone’s seen one.


10. Close Doors Behind You

When entering a building you should always try to close the doors behind you for a few reasons.

First, it will help make sure your enemies less aware that you are there. As I mentioned in an earlier tip; winning more blackout games is all about getting the drop on your enemy and taking fights that favor you. In similar fashion; don’t let your enemy get the drop on you.

Similarly, closing doors behind you will give you an additional audio queue when an enemy is near. Without the awareness perk; pinpointing your enemies location with footsteps can be difficult. By closing doors you’ll get a nice loud notification when an enemy is in the building.


Bonus for PC Players: Strafing

If you’re on PC side strafing is very powerful both in blackout and multiplayer. if you’ve tried shooting at a player that strafing from side to side you’ll know that it’s a lot harder to hit them even if they are standing still.  this is been a viable tactic and multiple shooters on the PC platform with some games even being totally broken by it like Battlefield 1. I don’t think it’s totally overpowered or unethical to use in blackout because you’re still easily killable if you’re out in the open; but it’s better than being a still target.

I’m not sure how viable this option is on console (cause I’m not a pleb… just kidding) but if you’re on PC A-D your way to victory.

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