World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth’s first major patch is bringing plenty of new features; including a new Warfront located in Darkshore.

Why is Blizzard Adding a New Warfront if they were so poorly received?

While Warfronts weren’t the most well received addition to the game; I think they do a great job serving their purpose.

Dev’s weren’t totally transparent about what the purpose of Warfronts were when they were announced pre-BFA launch, but since then the community has a fairly good idea of what the content was intended to be.

Warfront’s aren’t supposed to be bingeable content. I think that much is clear. Devs were pretty transparent that they were OK with players doing a Warfront one or two times for each Warfront cycle. Additionally, it seems there is no intention of increasing the amount of Warfronts available to players, which I think is great.

Take Warfronts for what they are. A piece of fun, catch up content available once a month to break up the monotony of Island Expeditions, Mythic+, and the bane of my existence – world quests.

Another reason for adding a new Warfront is to progress the war story of BFA. There will be a few intro quests to move along the story that’s been put on hold since BFA’s launch. I won’t put any spoilers in the article here but I think blizzard did a decent job of going back to the initial story that we were presented with leading up to BFA.

Now, lets take a look at all the new Warfront additions coming in patch 8.1 Tides of Vengence.


As you may have already gathered from the title… the location of the new warfront will be in Darkshore, the same location as the pre-launch event.

Our first Warfront in the Arathi Highlands saw Orcs vs Humans clashing in the most traditional Horde vs Alliance fashion. With the new Warfront in Darkshore we’ll see another age old rivalry; Night Elves vs Forsaken. The vibe of the Warfront was really fun from the little bit I’ve seen; it’s not often we get to see these two races clash head to head.

Overall the location is pretty immersive in making the Warfront feel like an actual battle. The dark battle field gave off a pretty cool life vs death vibe which I think we were all expecting to see more of in BFA.


The gameplay is more or less the same than the existing Warfront. We’ll be collecting resources and pushing to take over the other factions base by killing their commander.

One of the biggest differences is that you’ll be able to automatically collect iron and wood a little bit faster instead of manually farming it.

Another difference is that there are the addition of rares that you can kill for additional resources. These rares are also easily solo-able; at least on the PTR.

You can also choose between 3 heroes to recruit now. There’s a grove warden, driads, and a dragon. This is a pretty cool addition since the original Warfront didn’t give you much in the way of choosing how your heroes were utilized.


You guessed it – there will be an abundance of Azerite and War Resources available for you to pick up at different phases of the Warfront cycle. It’s not exciting but it is a nice way to pick up some of these boring resources without going too much out of your way.

There’s a few new sets of Warfront themed armor. We’ll get a full suite of armor for both the Horde and Alliance themed around Night Elves and Forsaken.

We don’t know what ilvl the gear rewards will be for the new Warfront yet. But once we get more info, I’ll update it here! Subscribe on the right to get notifications!


As far as we are aware; the new Warfront will be on a similar cycle to the Arathi Highlands one.

Hopefully, the Warfronts will be staggered so that we get a full warfront cycle every 2 weeks instead of 4.

Once again, when we have more information I’ll update it here.


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