A few weeks ago Method announced that they would be streaming their Mythic progress for the first time since the guilds inception in 2005. A few select members such as Sco (GM/Tank) and Genji (Hunter) streamed their entire 2 week progress from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. It was a hot point of discussion last week whether or not the guild would be able hold their ‘rank 1’ status even if they made their cutting-edge strategies public. Despite a few other guilds coming close to stealing the title (Limit – 7/8 Mythic as well) Method was able to pull through and down Mythic G’Huun at 2:25PM EST with over 100,000 fans supporting them on Twitch.

Throughout the afternoon (here in the US) Method had many close shots; getting G’Huun to just under 3m HP with a few raiders alive multiple times. But eventually they secured their kill with 13 players alive with what seemed to be a clean execution.

Overall I think Method’s commitment to streaming their progression was a great idea. Even though the stream wasn’t highly interactive; it gave players an inside look at the high end scene like they’ve never seen before. Personally, it helped motivate me to take raiding a bit more seriously this tier for the first time since SoO in MoP (3/8m at the time of writing this!). Hopefully Method will continue their world first stream in the recently announced 8.1 Tides of Vengeance patch with the new Siege of Zuldazar raid.