Get prepared for gold making in patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance.

Gold making at the start of an expansion is always a fun time for ‘gold goblins’ and casual players alike. Inevitably the market will settle and 100k/hr gold making routines will die off.

But with new content on the horizon and an early look at profession changes lets keep those coffers full and the WoW tokens rolling in.

I’ll start with some basic profession changes that will likely shake up your gold making formula then give my recommendations for maximizing profit.

Swift Spectral Tiger from Years of Gold Making - Patch 8.1

Swift Spectral Tiger from my years of Gold Making

Profession Changes (updated 10/14):


Update: Anchor Weed Changes have been Reverted in the latest build of the PTR.

Alchemy/Herbalism have been great gold making tools at the start of Battle for Azeroth; which is typically the case when a new expansion or patch launches due to a flux of returning players looking to tackle tough consumable-demanding content. However; in patch 8.1 this simple gold making method is taking a turn for the worse (don’t worry – we’ll cover what to do next). This section is less of a get rich quick scheme and more of a ‘prevent your losses’ if you’re currently making a killing in the alchemy market.

Many of the popular raid consumables from alchemy are having their materials dramatically reduced in patch 8.1. Currently here are the biggest changes:

  • Flasks: Anchor Weed amount reduced from 5 to 3 (Reverted in Latest PTR Build)
  • Cauldron: Expulsom amount reduced from 5 to 3
  • NEW: Transmute: Herbs to Anchors – 5 of every common herb transmutes to a bag of “anchor related items” (primarily anchor weed).
  • NEW: Potion of Unveiling Eye – Increased stealth detection for 10 mins. Similar cost to other potions rank 1 (5 star moss 5 sea stalk)
  • NEW: Trinket iLvl 385, 400, 415. Trinket is versatility & procs int/str/agi and makes healing/mana pots more effective.

If you’re currently holding on to a large amount of Anchor Weed or other herbs now is the time to sell. Prices will inevitably drop (rapidly) once these material costs are cut. If you enjoy farming (some people find it relaxing I guess?) make your gold now and sell off as soon as possible. Farming herbs and alchemy will still be profitable in 8.1. but you likely won’t see the ~60k+ an hour returns that you are now.

Crafting Professions:

All crafting professions were incredible gold making vehicles for the first 2 weeks of BFA. Crafted items were selling for upwards of ~60k and material costs were under 5k gold. Since the initial rush the professions have more or less died off.  The only reason to have these professions currently is for crafted raid gear (which is unfortunately BOP).

But with patch 8.1 this gold making method will be revived with the addition of new crafted gear for Blacksmithing/Tailoring/Leather Working.

  • Blacksmithing – Sinister Combatant’s Plate
  • Tailoring – Sinister Combatant’s Cloth
  • Leather Working – Sinister Combatant’s Leather/Mail

Currently; we don’t have accurate material costs or item levels for this gear. Regardless, it will be a great way to make gold in patch 8.1 due to the new ‘incursions’ system that is being added; which is similar to invasions in legion. This system will be a great way to level alts and historically: large influx of max level characters = large demand for easily obtainable (crafted) gear.

Additionally, each crafting profession will get a new set of BoP gear at ilvl 385, 400, 415


Not much is changing on this front. Enchanting will remain a very viable gold making tool in patch 8.1 but here’s a quick breakdown of what changes you can expect:

  • New Pet: Enchanted Tiki Mask (Don’t put many eggs in this basket – crafting materials are very cheap i.e. the pet won’t sell for much.)
  • New Sinister Combatant weapon to match the crafted gear
  • Number of Umbra Shard’s required to craft weapon enchants decreasing by 1


The only major change to engineering is the addition of the Unstable Temporal Time Shifter, an item giving a battle res to engineers. Useful for Mythic+ but no effect on gold making potential as the item requires engineering.


With inscription there will be the addition of a contract for the Honorbound & 7th Legion. These will probably sell for an amount similar to the current contracts. Likewise, I expect contracts to slightly increase in value across the board with paragon reputations returning in patch 8.1. Also, a new Vantus Rune will be added for the Zuldazar Raid.


Nothing’s changed aside from new weapons.

Cooking / Fishing:

Cooking and Fishing have been a killer gold making combo for the launch of BFA as well. Unfortunately, there will be similar changes made here to alchemy. Midnight Salmon costs for Feasts will decrease from 5 to 2 for the Bountiful Captain’s Feast and from 2 to 1 for the Galley Banquet.

New: Sanguinated Feast – Same as the old feast but costs sanguicells instead of Midnight Salmon (undefined how much)

How to Prepare:

Seems like Blizzard is trying to reduce the cost of raiding by reducing the cost of consumables. As a result this will take a huge hit into the profits of farming professions. But crafting gear will become relevant once again. To maximize my profits for the first few weeks of patch 8.1 I will be:

  1. Make the most of gathering and alchemy for the next few weeks.
  2. Drop gathering and alchemy for crafting professions.
  3.  Utilize open world mount farms which will become more efficient as we gather more gear

Patch 8.1 is still on the PTR. Check back regularly or subscribe to our news letter to stay up to date on all things World of Warcraft.