To show appreciation for the awesome growth MetaCraft has received over the past month; I’ll be giving out a free wow token to one of our subscribers!

Why is MetaCraft Giving Away a Free WoW Token?

Since MetaCraft Gaming’s inception I’ve seen much higher growth than was initially anticipated. The content I’ve created has been well received by new players looking to learn a little bit more about the game. Additionally, I’ve seen a lot of people benefiting from the news articles I’ve created; such as our 8.1 gold making and profession guide¬†and our guide to help you pick the best mouse for wow.

I wanted to thank everyone that has visited our site and benefited from our content by giving away a free wow token. This is also a great way to inform people about our new email subscriber list!

Who is Eligible?

Everyone! As long as you are subscribed to our email list and have an active World of Warcraft account; you are eligible for the free wow token giveaway.

To subscribe to our new email distribution list; simply fill out the form on the right hand side of the page.

Your user name should be what you would like to be addressed as in any future emails.

Additionally, when signing up for our distribution list you will get access to our MetaCraft Gaming discord channel (coming soon).

When will the Free WoW Token be awarded?

The token will be awarded when we reach 250 subscribers on our new email distribution list. The token will be awarded on the following day or as soon as the winner is available.

If the winner does not claim their free WoW token within 7 days a new winner will be selected.

How will the Token be Awarded?

Once a random subscriber has been chosen you will be given gold of equal value to the current price of a WoW game time token. You can either choose to keep the raw gold, buy a token for game time, or buy a token to add $15 to your blizzard balance.

The time, location, and realm that the gold will be awarded on will be announced after a winner has been chosen.