As with most aspects of a Battle Royale game; there’s a lot of luck involved. This especially true during the looting phase. But if you know what the best perks in Blackout are you’ll… as Kenny Rogers says… Know when to hold em and know when to leave em on the ground. Or was it know when to fold em? Eh, who cares.

In this guide I’ll go over every perk that’s currently in the game. I’ve broken them out into 4 categories: never use, early game, mid game, and late game. I briefly covered this topic in my loadout guide; but I’ll go into a lot more detail here.

Generally, the following rules apply when deciding what the best perks in blackout are to pick up. In the early game, grab perks that will allow you to loot faster and survive more easily. Next, the mid game should be about surviving and positioning yourself in a good spot for the end game. Finally, the end game should be about surviving and trying to find your opponent before they find you.

Please note that some of the perks that I mention may show up more than once. I’ll do my best to explain in what scenario you should use them or save them. But use some common sense here. If you come across a perk as soon as you land that’s useful at any stage, like Awareness, analyze the scenario that you’re in. Did you see a few people land around you? Are you pretty certain that there’s an enemy in your building? If yes, then pop the perk now! If you’re all alone. Save it for later. I can’t be there to hold your hand in the middle of a round. -Or can I?


Useless Perks

While none of the perks in Blackout there are 100% useless; there’s some that I just don’t consider worth the bag space at any point. If you see these on the ground just leave them there. You’ll find loot that’s much more worthy of the bag space within seconds. Also, I don’t like wasting time sorting through which perks I wan’t to drop when there’s much more efficient things I could be doing with my time. Like getting kills and winning more games. Check out my guide on 11 tips to win more Blackout games.


Like I said, no perk in Blackout is totally useless. Consuming items faster is a nice quality of life improvement. But is it really going to help you win a game? I think not.

I give this perk a 0/10. Leave this one on the ground.

Team Link

Can you honestly think of a scenario where this perk would be useful? If you’re worried about blowing up your teammates or shooting them through walls I think you’re beyond help.

I’m sure some accidental team kills will happen. They always do. But voice coms and your mini map should be more than enough for identifying where your buddies are.


I’m about 15 wins deep in solos and the game has only been out for a few days. I have yet to be killed by a non-throwable explosive. I’m sure that once every 25 rounds this perk could have came in handy. But those situations are too few and far between for me to consider picking it up.


Similar to the Consumer perk I just don’t see enough benefit in faster heal times to warrant keeping this one in the bag.

If you’re getting shot at and need to heal up in a hurry; find some safe cover. If you’re worried about getting lit up some more while you’re healing I don’t think a perk is gonna save you.


I was pretty torn between putting this one on the list of ‘Useless Perks’ or ‘Best Perks in Blackout for the Early Game’.

If you have the extra bag space at the start of the game and are pretty certain you can loot leisurely without running into any enemies; go ahead and use it. Otherwise, leave it on the ground.

Personally, I don’t see much benefit from this perk because it just doesn’t work that well. It’s hard to tell what a piece of equipment is from more than a few feet away regardless of if you have this perk or not.


I can’t think of any scenario where you’ll realistically be able to melee someone down outside of the first 10 seconds of the game. I’ve done it before, but you’re better off looking for a gun.

If you want to beat someone senseless; you should probably go play UFC.


Best Perks in Blackout for the Early Game:

You have two goals at this stage of the game. Survive and loot. Any perk that can help you do that is worthy of an inventory slot.

Pretty much any perk will be a huge benefit at this point in the game. But in some cases I think it’s more worth while saving a perk till the end of the match.

Take skulker for example. This perk lets you move much faster while crouched and a little faster while prone. Sure, this would be an advantage in the early or mid game. But when you consider how valuable it would be in a top 10 situation when you’re skulking (wonder where they got the name from huh) around the map; it’s probably best to just hold off on using it for now.


This perk is great at the beginning of the game. It really helps with your main goal of the early game: survival. Blackout doesn’t have top notch audio queues when compared to PUBG. So any advantage you can get in terms of audio is going to be great.

I recommend picking up two (or 3) of these perks if you can. Pop one while you’re looting at the beginning of your round and one in the 2nd to last circle (around 13 people remaining). If you were lucky enough to find a 3rd perk; use it around the mid game to avoid being crept up on.

Keep in mind; even with awareness you won’t be able to hear anyone with dead silence.

If you’re still having trouble picking up on audio queues; make sure you get a good headset. Here’s one of my favorites right now.┬áIt works on all platforms and is constantly going on sale. So check it out on amazon for the current price.


Lightweight is a great perk because it can help you achieve both of your early game goals efficiently.

Obviously, since you’ll be running around the map trying to grab as much crap as you can (check our loadout guide on what the best things to look for are) you’ll benefit from moving quicker. Faster movement also means that it’s easier to re-position in a gun fight.

If you find this perk at the beginning of the game, use some common sense. If you’re in the circle already and there’s no opposition near you; you should consider saving the perk till the middle or end of the game.

Best Perks in Blackout for the Mid Game:

At this point in the game you should have one goal. Survive.

Unfortunately, as with any BR game, you can survive just by sitting in a building and sneaking your way into the top 10. But that’s no fun!

The best perks in this category are going to be focused around surviving while assisting you with taking fights and getting even more loot. Keep in mind that if you don’t expect much opposition in your current position that you’ll be better off saving your perks for the end game.


Outlander is a pretty niche perk. You should never actively be trying to stay outside the circle, taking damage, but there’s a few scenarios that it can help.

If you’re far outside the circle towards the end of the early game / early mid game; you can use Outlander to spend some extra time looting before heading into the action.

It’s also nice for if you get caught in a gun fight while you’re running in to the first circle.

If you don’t see any of these scenarios happening; leave it on the ground.

Iron Lungs

Assuming you actually want to play the game and not sit in a building; Iron Lungs is one of the best perks in Blackout for the midgame.

If you’re taking fights at this stage in the game it’s likely that they’ll be at a pretty far distance. Hopefully, you have a DMR or a sniper at this point as well.

Use Iron Lungs to take out enemies at a distance and avoid damaging your armor.


Awareness is back in this category. Overall, it’s one of the best perks in Blackout period.

If you do decide to post up in a building during the mid game you should be aware of any enemies that may be trying to sneak up and take the building you’ve staked out. Awareness can help you determine where an enemy is sneaking up on you from.

Additionally, this perk will help you begin to position yourself for the end game as the circle begins getting smaller. Try saving it for the later portion of the mid game.


Paranoia is another great perk for this stage in the game. I love it for two reasons during the mid game.

One, you’ll start to get complacent if you haven’t seen anyone in a few minutes. If you’re starting to become unprepared for a gunfight you’ll likely die before you even knew what hit you. It’s awesome having an audio queue that can give you a heads up before shit’s about to go down.

The other reason I love this for the mid game is because you’re most likely going to be traveling the farthest distance at this point in the game. You’ll be running a lot to get to the next circle or get into a good position for the final circle. This means that you’re most likely to be seen by an enemy far away. It’s always nice to get a heads up of where you could potentially get shot from.


Best Perks in Blackout in the End Game

At this stage of the game you really shouldn’t be concerned with looting. I don’t even recommend looting an enemy you kill unless you’re in dire need of some crucial items like healing or grenades.

Around 10 people remaining you should pop every perk in your bag. If you do have the luxury of deciding what perks you can use here, this is what you should aim for.


Once again; awareness is crucial. It will prevent you from being snuck up on and avoid any surprises. Be careful not to be overwhelmed with all the foot steps you’re hearing. This stage of the game can get very loud.

Another issue is that Awareness picks up your teammates footsteps occasionally as well. Try not to shoot your friends.

Dead Silence

This one goes hand in hand with Awareness. Not only will it allow you to sneak up on your enemies but it will keep you from confusing your own footsteps with those of your opponents. I’d suggest using this one around the 2nd to last circle since you’ll have the most trouble getting into position here. In the final circle you and the last 1 or 2 folks remaining will probably have a good idea of each others positions anyway.


In the last few minutes of a round you’ll likely be spending a lot of time prone or crouched. Personally, this is one of my favorites on the list of ‘Best Perks for Blackout’ because it turns you into a total predator stalking your prey when you combine it with Awareness and Dead Silence.

It’s also great because a lot of the cover you’ll end up having available at this stage won’t be full body cover. You’ll spend a lot of time trying to cram your body behind a 6 inch wide rock.


To be honest; every time I’ve ever popped Paranoia in the final circle of a game, I’ve never got the audio queue. I don’t know if this is a bug or if I’ve just never been aimed at while it was active.

But regardless, the benefits of this perk in the final few circles should speak for themselves. The whole goal here is to take out the remaining enemies while making your position unknown. Paranoia will definitely help prevent you from being snuck up on.


This is probably the most overlooked perk in the game; but it’s one of the best perks in Blackout if you’re serious about getting more wins.

If you’re even remotely familiar with how the last 2 circles of Blackout work; you know that it’s a total grenade fest. With 5 people alive there’s at least 2 grenades going off every 5 seconds. 9-Bangs and Concussions included.

Re-enforced will let you mostly tank through these explosions and let you live long enough to return a game winning grenade touch down pass.



That’s it for my input on the ‘Best Perks in Blackout.’ Do you have any other perks that you feel handicapped without at certain points in the game? If so; leave a comment below. I’ll try to add them to the article if I agree with you!

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