I hope you’re enjoying Blackout as much as I am. But if you’re anything like me; you’re probably striving to collect as many ‘Last Man Standing’ badges as possible. There’s a lot of cool weapons and gear in Blackout, but in this guide we’ll take a look at what the absolute ‘best blackout loadout’ is to win more games.

The best blackout loadout should consist of 3 main areas excluding armor and healing items. You should have a close/medium ranged weapon in the form of an assault rifle, preferably the ICR-7. Next, you should aim to have a reliable long ranged weapon with a sniper scope or 4x. My choice for this category is the Koshka, but the Paladin and Auger are awesome as well. Finally, you should try to have a few sensor darts, cluster grenades, and useful perks to safely finish out the round.


Best Blackout Loadout: The Basics

Blackout’s gearing is pretty straight forward if you’ve played other battle royale games.

It’s only big deviation from PUBG and Fortnite is the addition of perks and gadgets, which we’ll go into, as well as what combination of guns you should aim to have by the endgame.

Obviously, there’s going to be a lot of luck involved in what you find throughout a game. As you play more; you’ll get better at learning where loot spawns the most and how to loot effectively so you’re prepared for your top 10 situations.

My goal when gearing for the endgame is as follows:

  • Have one primary weapon for close/mid range engagements
  • One long range weapon for taking on enemies at range or quickly taking out an unsuspecting stationary enemy
  • Have plenty of healing items, full armor, and a few useful perks
  • Sensor darts and grenades should be bursting out of my backpack

Primary Weapon:

Your primary weapon should always be an assault rifle. You can have all the perks and gadgets in the world but the best blackout loadout starts with a reliable assault rifle. It’s the backbone of your game.

There’s a lot of good options in this category and any assault rifle can be viable. Personally, I’ve found the Maddox and the Rampart to be too situational; but if you like them – go for it.

These are the 2 ARs I would be excited to find at the beginning of the round. They’re great in any scenario and I’ve won games using both of them a few times.

Assault Rifle – KN-57 / Vapr-XKG / ICR-7

For your medium to close range primary gun the KN-57, Vapr-XKG or ICR-7 should be your first choices. Overall, they’re the best assault rifles due to their excellent combination of damage, range, accuracy, and recoil. In any situation you find yourself in you should be able to hold your own with the either of these weapons. They’re all pretty similarly balanced so it’s mostly down to personal preference here.

One thing I will note about the assault rifles on PC currently are how powerful they are with a mouse. You can basically keep a stream of bullets on someones head for an entire magazine if you practice your aim. If you’re struggling to land consistent headshots try lowering your DPI. If you’re still having issues consider that it may be from a poor quality gaming mouse. My personal favorite is the Logitech G903 which has one of the best sensors available for any mouse ever made. The thing is just an animal when it comes to FPS games; check it out.


While some other assault rifles may be better in niche situations; the KN-57 should prove viable in all of them. Clearing a building? Taking pop shots across the map? Bursting at mid range? The KN-57 can do it all.

It has a slower rate of fire than most other assault rifles but it does a bit more damage while having great control.


The Vapr is my personal favorite. It does a bit less damage than the KN-57 but the higher RoF makes it a bit more versatile in close range scenarios. Plus I just think it looks bad ass & I got my first win using this gun for 6/7 of my kills.


The ICR falls inbetween the KN and the Vapr for me. The damage is a bit higher than the Vapr and the fire rate is a bit higher than the KN-57. Out of all the ARs on this list I think it’s the most accurate especially when firing at full auto. I barely need to adjust my mouse to keep this thing on target. Currently, it’s a little overtuned, especially on PC, but I expect that to be nerfed quickly.

Best Attachments:

Barrel: Suppressor – the suppressor is awesome on any AR; especially during the end game. Just like in any other battle royale it’s always a huge advantage to know where your opponents are without giving away your location.

Optic: Reflex / Echo – Since your ‘optimal’ load-out will have one close/mid range weapon and one long ranged weapon I recommend having a low zoom optic on these guns. While you can definitely snag some kills with a 2 or 3x the red dot will be better in almost all close/mid range situations. There have been multiple times I thought a 2x would be the right call in a mid range fight only to be lazered down by someone with a red dot. The 2 & 3x just give them too much uncontrollable recoil on an automatic weapon for my liking.

Second Weapon:

Your 2nd weapon should always be reserved for long range battles. In the end game; this will be a life saver, especially in quads. The best blackout loadout is well rounded between short/mid/long range.

If you don’t have any luck finding one of the weapons I list below try to get a 2nd assault rifle kitted out with a long range scope. If you can’t find anything, the rocket launcher makes for a decent alternative; although not as useful in the late game.

Since it’s pretty difficult to come across a strong long ranged weapon you’re going to have to make do with what you have in most situations. But, it’s nice to know what the meta is anyway so you can keep your eyes peeled.

Tactical Rifle:

Auger DMR:

I’ve had pretty hit or miss luck with the Auger. It does great damage but it takes a lot of practice to perfect your aim. The bullets seem to travel relatively slow and have a lot of drop off at super long range; but during the final minutes of your round when the circle is small it’s nice to have a semi auto rifle rather than a 1 and done bolt action.

Sniper Rifle:

There’s two viable options when it comes to picking a sniper. Both work really well and have one shot potential. Ultimately, the best blackout loadout is the one that works best for you. So if you’ve tried out either of these guns and prefer one over the other; stick with what works.

Paladin HB50

The Paladin is the highest damage weapon in the game aside from the Ray Gun. It has one shot potential in the head or body with no armor.

The only drawback to this weapon is that it feels extremely clunky to use. The large model takes up a huge piece of realestate on your screen which can be valuable when you’re in the last few minutes of a match.


The Koshka is my favorite sniper in the game currently. It feels a lot less clunky than the Paladin but still has one shot potential if you catch them in the head.

My 2nd and 3rd solo wins were both while using this gun for the final kill. So it has a special place in my inventory.

Best Blackout Loadout



One of Blackout’s biggest deviation from other battle royale games is the addition of tactical equipment. These come in the form of anything from grenades that spawn mini grenades to life-saving grappling hooks. To fill out your inventory and have the best blackout loadout you should make sure that you have a few useful gadgets in your inventory. Here’s the most effective.

Sensor Dart

The sensor dart is the best item in the game currently; although they seem to be pretty rare. Maybe I just have bad luck though?

The utility that the sensor dart provides makes an essential item to have if you want the best blackout loadout possible.

Essentially, it places a small radius where it lands that shows you enemy movement on your mini map. This is great for seeing where an enemy is heading or preemptively checking if an enemy is peeking you. If you’re down to the last circle (which usually doesn’t happen..) the sensor dart’s radius can almost cover the entire playing field.

Cluster Grenade

Out of all of the throw-able equipment the cluster grenade seems to be the best currently. It has very high damage (one of the mini-grenades can take someone out through level 1 armor) and has an awesome blast radius.

If you can place your throw of this grenade perfectly behind cover it doesn’t leave your opponent with many options. The initial blast will force them out of cover while the subsequent mini grenades will force them to run very-very fast to have any hope of surviving.

These are essential in 1:1 scenarios at the end game where you’re both trapped behind a rock or tree taking pop shots at each other. Generally, whoever has the better equipment will win if they use it properly.

Grappling Hook (sometimes)

If you’ve tried out the grappling hook you’re probably aware that it’s one of the most fun gadgets in the game. There’s nothing more satisfying than flying 40 feet through the air, landing behind an enemy you’re in a gun fight with, and shooting them in the back before they can figure out what that clicking and screeching sound was.

The grappling hook isn’t an essential item for the end game, especially if you end up in an open field with nothing but some rocks. However, it can be a real life saver in more urban scenarios. You can quickly traverse a gap with little risk. I try to keep one in my bags just in case.

Just because it doesn’t complete the best blackout loadout doesn’t mean it isn’t fun as hell!



The other addition Blackout brings to the genre are perks, which give your character a temporary boost. Beware that these perks take up an inventory slot throughout their entire duration; even after you use them. To have the best blackout loadout you’ll definitely need a few great perks.

If you find yourself in a situation that a perk might be useful for; go ahead and use it. There’s no use saving it if you die.

But, if you have the luxury of deciding when to use your perks; here’s the best ones at each point in the game.

Early Game:


This perk increases the sound of enemy footsteps. It’s great for the early game when player population is most dense. It can be a life saver and help you pinpoint where an enemy is coming from.


I like lightweight at the beginning of a round because it helps me gather up some initial loot faster. For the first few seconds of a round; a fight’s outcome will almost always be determined by who has the better gun.


Do I really need to explain this one? Identify good crap to loot faster!

It can be good during the mid game when loot is more scattered; but at this point you should be more concerned with taking and winning fights instead of looting.



Awareness is great during the midgame because it can help you hear enemies that may be sneaking up on you. The majority of my deaths during this point of the game are from sneak attacks from behind.



A large portion of your top 10 scenarios are going to be spent crouched or proned. Skulker allows you to move (much) faster while crouched which is a huge advantage when strafing, taking cover, or sneaking up on an enemy.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew when your head was about to be blown off? Wait, that’s possible?

Paranoia is so valuable during the final moments of a match, especially if you don’t know where the remaining enemies are. This perk will give you an audio queue when someone is aiming down sights (ads) at you. Get to cover.


Outlander makes you take less damage and move faster when you’re outside the safe zone. This perk is great for staying alive if you’re caught in a bad position; or for sneaking up on an enemy.

To be honest; I’ve never had to use this perk. Every game I’ve won was because I was very mindful of my positioning in relation to the encroaching circle. But, I can definitely see the value.


Other Inventory You Should Have:

In addition to good guns and useful equipment; there’s a few other things you’ll have in your inventory that can win you games. The best blackout loadout is one that’s well rounded and has everything you need to win a round. Not just 2 sweet weapons.

Healing Items:

For the end game I always like going in with as many healing items as I can fit into my inventory. Unlike PUBG; I find myself healing very frequently during gunfights. At the very least I want 1 trauma kit if possible and 3-4 medkits. But more is definitely better if you can fit them.


Obviously, you should have the highest level armor at the highest durability possible at all times.

The only time I would ever downgrade armor is if my level 2 armor has less than 25% durability and there’s a level 1 vest available at full durability. I don’t recommend dropping a level 3 vest regardless of how damaged it is due to the valuable bonus having a helmet offers.


That’s it. If you have everything on this list; you have the best blackout loadout and you’re in great shape to win a round.

The only other advice I have is to be very, very mindful of your surroundings. Make sure you have a plan for if the next circle is in the worst possible position. Check all of the bushes around you. Take cover & aim well!


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