Devs took to the forums recently to address players concerns with Azerite armor. Here’s a look at the upcoming Azerite armor changes.

Please note that everything in this post is subject to change.

Blizzard’s Take on the Biggest Complaint’s with Azerite

The blue post detailed 3 major concerns that blizzard has with the way the system works.

  1. Availability – Unless you’re raiding, you have no way to get good Azerite armor
  2. Not Enough Options – you don’t really have any impactful decisions when it comes to targeting drops.
  3. The Traits are Boring – The best traits are the most simple and don’t change gameplay at all.

These are all concerns we’ve been aware of for a while now; most notably #3.

Although legendaries in Legion weren’t well received due to their high amount of RNG; it’s fair to say that the majority of the traits were interesting and drastically changed the way a class played.

In the wake of legendaries, Azerite is just flat out boring. It’s good to hear that blizzard is aware that the system sucks and that they need to make Azerite armor changes.

What are They Planning to Do to Fix the Issues?

There will be more sources of Azerite armor.

This one is kind of a let-down. The blue post mentions that there will be more readily available sources of Azerite armor…

Except that the source will be solely from emissary caches. The Azerite armor in caches will now scale up to ilvl 370 depending on your characters current item level.

This is great for the casual player base in terms of accessibility. However, is it really necessary that players are rewarded some of the best gear in the game just for doing world quests?

Personally, I would like the Azerite accessibility changes to come from dungeons or warfronts rather than the already beaten to death system that is world quests.

Azerite Armor Changes – Additional Ring of Traits

The biggest Azerite Armor Change will be the addition of another outer ring of traits.

This is a great change. You’ll still have access to the bland straight-damage increasing traits. However, you’ll be given the option to actually take something impactful to gameplay in addition to these.

Tuning & New Traits

In 8.1 there will be a new wave of Azerite traits and existing traits will be tuned.

There isn’t any information about what kind of new traits we can expect to see.

When are the Changes Coming?

Azerite armor changes can be expected in patch 8.1, or what Blizzard is calling ‘BFA Season 2’


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